What is hypnotherapy and reiki? What to Expect?


Personal Approach to Care

Taking the time to educate my clients before and after each session is  something I value. Knowing that you are walking away with a clear sense of what do and how to do it sets me apart and gives you actual momentum for change. 



It happens all throughout the day and you probably don't even notice. 


What is Hypnosis? 

It is a trance like, naturally occurring state of mind that can bring you into a safe state of relaxation. There are many schools of thought on this, but it is generally agreed that it is a state of focused attention which uses both the conscious and unconscious mind to facilitate change. You have probably experienced hypnosis naturally thousands of times whether you are aware of it or not. 

Normal, everyday hypnosis occurs when you are driving down the road and lose track of time, or when you are focusing on a book or a good TV show – often you don’t notice what is going on around you. You are not asleep, and you are in control. It’s an imaginative free floating and pleasant state of mind where you’re far more aware than usual but also a lot more focused. Brain scans on people who are in hypnosis show that brain wave activity moves from a Beta state to an Alpha state, and sometimes, to a Theta state. This is similar to the pattern of brain activity during meditation. 

What is Hypnotherapy? 

Hypnotherapy is using the mind’s own natural abilities, to resolve issues, relieve emotional burdens and achieve personal goals. It is a safe, effective process and involves the client and therapist working together to bring about positive changes in how they think, feel and act. During your session, you are actually rewiring the neuron pathways of that specific thought, feeling, or habit. By slowing down the brainwaves to a Theta state, the therapist can access the subconscious mind where our ideas and beliefs are anchored.

Don't worry, no on can make you do anything that you wouldn't normally do. You won't act against your true morals or beliefs, or go rob a bank for your therapist. Know that you are in-control the entire time.

What is it used for? 

Hypnotherapy can be used to improve, and in many cases entirely remove, any symptom or challenge that is caused by emotions, habits, behavior or psychological issues. Experts now agree that many life problems, including physical disease, may have underlying causative factors that are predominantly psychological or emotional. Hypnotherapy works well with any issue involving psychological/emotional factors.  

 What is a Session like? 

Two days prior to you session you will be asked to do a phone consultation where a detailed intake will be recorded. The day of your appointment, you will lie on a massage table fully clothed and shoes off if you prefer. You will be offered a blanket and pillow to make yourself comfortable. The therapist will talk you through guided imagery much like meditation and you will eventually become very relaxed. The experience is like a much needed nap and you will wake up feeling refreshed, renewed, balanced, and like everything is going to be OK! 

Will I need more than one Session? 

You will get lasting results with just one session! Some factors do play a role such as your experience with meditation, your willingness, and any post-work and intention you put into your desired result. Weight-loss and Smoking Cessation are done in multiple sessions 



ME pushing high vibrational love energy into YOU

Reiki is a Japanese technique for relaxation that also promotes healing. It's done through light touch sometimes or no touch at all. A warm and soothing energy flows from the hands of the practitioner into the client, promoting a deep sense of relaxation. It clears blocks and negative low vibrating energy from your aura and chakras. This gentle heart-centered  technique helps balance the physical, emotional, and spiritual  bio-fields to enhance peace and calming. Your chi will be restored and allow the body to have the ability to heal and balance itself naturally. 

How do I prepare? (applies to hypnotherapy clients as well)

  • Think about some things you would like to address during you session. Write a list if you'd like. 

  • Try to have a low key day planned for after your healing or hypnotherapy. Your senses will be heightened so going to a concert or party can be uncomfortable. Plan to watch a movie (no violence) or have dinner with a few friends, something relaxing. 

  • Be open. Speak your intention. Before your session, say out-loud or in your mind that you are willing and ready to receive healing on (day and time).

  • If you already meditate and feel comfortable doing so, do so! Slipping into those lower levels of brainwaves will make it that easier for you to open up to receive and go into trance. Especially recommended for hypnotherapy clients. 

  • Take an Epsom salt bath. Adding fresh rose petals will supercharge your aura & vibration!

  • Limit your caffeine intake the day of your session prior. 

  • Drink water. Try for half of your body weight in ounces a day.

  •  Try and eat something light at least 2 hours before. 

  • Wear socks or bring some along to keep your feet cozy. 

  • Refrain from using any recreational drugs before your session please!

  • If your on medication, take them according to your regular schedule.

  • Be prepared to put your phone on Do Not Disturb during your session so answer any important texts or calls prior so your not focusing on that. 

What is a Reiki session like?

During your Reiki Session you will lie on a massage table fully clothed, shoes off, and eyes closed. Every session is infused with hypnosis in the beginning and is a starting point to allow your body to let go and surrender to the healing energy you are about receive. 

Personalized affirmations and goals will be spoken out loud, and intention is made. No physical "massage" takes place and the energy work is done in the aura around your body. Occasionally light touch or tapping is used to help break up blockages and restore your chakras into balance. You will leave feeling bliss. 

After each session you will be given suggestions and resources to use in your daily life if you choose to do so with materials on steps to take and a chance for any questions.

Wondering if Reiki is safe for kiddos and teens? YES! Reiki and Hypnotherapy can be very beneficial to anyone at all stages of life. They just need to be open to it and willing. 

More about me


Alana Basamanowicz - Reiki Master & Teacher / Hypnotherapist

Hi, I'm Alana - thank you for taking time to get to know me! 

       Empath :: Intuitive Healer :: Clairvoyant :: Reiki Master:Teacher :: Hypnotherapist

But I'm also a...

Paramedic Wife :: Daughter :: Sister :: Auntie :: Best Friend :: Fur Mama :: Vegetarian ::Scorpio 

I have been a "healer" since 2011 when when I discovered my gifts as a Hypnotherapist after overcoming  panic attacks naturally. Realizing I was being pulled to share this knowledge I  went on to obtain my Transformational Certification in Hypnotherapy from Drake Eastburn Institute in Denver, CO in 2014. Years later, feeling as though I had still so much more to offer, I continued on my path and became a Reiki Master & Teacher under Ann Bibbey - Psychic Medium & Reiki Master of Fort Collins, CO in 2018. 

                   Other Licenses & Memberships Include:

  •  National Guild of Hypnotist (NGH) 
  •  IARP (International Association of Reiki Professionals)
  • Registered Psychotherapist in the State of Colorado through the Department of Regulatory Agencies  (DORA), Mental Health Section.